Asian Pacific Partners for Empowerment, Advocacy, and Leadership (APPEAL) is a national health justice organization working to achieve health equity for Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders and other underserved communities.

Our website offers valuable information and resources for community members and public health professionals who want to advance equity in tobacco control and healthy eating & active living within their communities.

In Case You Missed It!

APPEAL is excited to sponsor the inaugral Breathe Free Day! on May 1, 2024! This National Day of Advocacy and Awareness on commercial tobacco in the Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (NH/PI) and Asian American (AA) communities. Please join us all month long on our website and via social media to learn how we can improve health equity for this diverse community.

To learn more about our briefing, please click here.

APPEAL is excited to announce we are accepting applications for our National Leadership Program scheduled to take place in Washington, DC, from June 4 to 7. APPEAL has over 25 years of experience providing leadership training, successfully training over 1,000 commercial tobacco control advocates.

This four-day program comprises three-day leadership training, policy visits, and a one-day cancer summit. The program is designed to build a vibrant movement in commercial tobacco control, cancer control, and health equity in the Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander (NH/PI), and Asian American (AA) communities. The program allows individuals in various career stages to network through activities and panel presentations. Additionally, participants will have the chance to meet with policymakers and develop the knowledge, skills, and capacity required to advocate and implement policy change.

The program provides networking opportunities and cross-generational collaboration for all participants. This event will offer a unique platform to connect with experienced professionals and learn about the latest developments in the field.

Deadline: Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Join the APPEAL Network and be a part of an organization that makes a difference in health equity. Together as partners we can create waves!


Center for Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Excellence, Empowerment and Equity (CAHPE3) Networks working towards social justice and equity-centered, healthy, tobacco – and-cancer – free communities. We want to ensure healthy equity-centered living for all populations with a primary focus on diverse Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AA and NH/PI) communities across the United States, and the six U.S. Associated Pacific Island territories/jurisdictions. CAPHE is 1 of 9 CDC national networks jointly funded by the CDC’s Office on Smoking & Health and Division of Cancer Prevention & Control to advance the prevention of commercial tobacco use and cancer in populations experiencing tobacco- and cancer-related health disparities.


The Statewide Pacific islander Asian american Resource and Coordinating center (SPARC) program, funded through the California Tobacco Control Program’s Statewide Coordinating Center grant, aims to foster interactive and integrative collaboration and communication among regional projects and others in the state working to reduce tobacco-related disparities among the diverse Asian American and Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (AA & NHPI) communities.