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9799_tobaccobib_displaypdf_iconIdentifying Pathways to Tobacco Policy Change: Key Informant Interviews in Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Native Hawaiian Communities (2014)

This poster was presented at the 2014 Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD) Grantee’s Conference in Maryland to highlight the on-going work of APPEAL’s ComPLEAT project – specifically key informant interviews.

9799_tobaccobib_displaypdf_iconAction Resource Inventory for Healthy Eating for Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders (2014)

This action resource Inventory is developed to highlight evidence-based or promising strategies that are developed and led mostly by AAs and NHPIs and other communities of color. It intentionally draws on examples that target changes on the systemic level and address environmental effects on health, and it directly challenges the view that poor health and obesity are personal failures that need to be worked on solely on the individual level.

9799_tobaccobib_displaypdf_iconREACH for Health Equity: Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (2014)

Published by the Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE), This report provides a look at how six minority-serving national organizations are working to decrease health disparities under the CDC’ Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health National Organizations that Serve Minority Communities (REACH MNO).

9799_tobaccobib_displaypdf_icon Tobacco Use Among Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Communities in California (2012)

This report provides an update on data from research on tobacco use and tobacco-related health disparities affecting Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities.The report also describes examples of effective strategies for policy change on tobacco through four levels of policy change, and provide policy recommendations for how to provide support for tobacco control efforts in AA and NHPI communities.

9799_tobaccobib_displaypdf_icon APPEAL Policy Recommendations (2011)

This document provides a policy framework for preventing and reducing tobacco use, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and cancer in the Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacifc Islander community.

9799_tobaccobib_displaypdf_icon APPEAL Annual Report (2010)

This document provides an overview of APPEAL’s accomplishments in 2010 and includes a statement of financial position.

9799_tobaccobib_displaypdf_icon Implementing a Community Readiness Approach to Tobacco Control (2006)

This publication is a compilation of case studies highlighting how five regional coalitions or networks from across the continental U.S. and Hawai`i took up the challenge of reducing tobacco use in their local Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities using a community capacity building approach. By sharing their experiences, accomplishments and challenges, we hope others will learn new ideas and fresh strategies to apply within their own communities.

9799_tobaccobib_displaypdf_icon Tobacco Cessation Among Asian American and Pacific Islanders: A Community Approach (2006)

The purpose of this kit is to assist AA and NHPI communities in implementing tobacco cessation programs and policies. While there are other general cessation kits available, this kit is designed to specifically address issues relevant to AA and NHPIs and to provide examples of culturally competent strategies used within AA and NHPI communities at varying stages of readiness. Please note that this kit will primarily focus on smoking cessation and adults; the issues of cessation and the approaches one takes in addressing it can vary when dealing with adults versus youth.

9799_tobaccobib_displaypdf_icon Conducting Needs Assessments for Tobacco Control in Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities (2005)

The needs assessment kit is designed to help those who work with AA and NHPI communities on tobacco prevention and control to better design and implement their activities and programs. The goals of this kit are: to educate community advocates on the benefits of needs assessments to their tobacco control activities and programs; to help tobacco control advocates choose the best needs assessment for their program by instructing them on the different types of needs assessment and how to conduct them.

9799_tobaccobib_displaypdf_icon Make Your Mark: Mobilizing Youth Against Tobacco in AAPI Communities (2005)*

Make Your Mark was developed by APPEAL for youth who are interested in becoming tobacco control advocates, but are not sure where to start. This guide provides an overview of tobacco control issues and their impact on youth and Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities, youth-friendly strategies for community organizing, developing and implementing action plans and getting resources and a toolbox including sample project ideas, an action plan worksheet and helpful internet resources.

*Please note that this publication is only available in hard copy and APPEAL may charge a small fee of $5 per copy for APPEAL network members and community-based organizations, or $7 per copy for others.

9799_tobaccobib_displaypdf_icon Project and Event Planning for Tobacco-Free Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities (2005)

This kit provides assistance with planning and implementing tobacco control projects in Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) and other diverse communities. Inside you’ll find a project planning guide, a list of potential project ideas, as well as information on gathering community resources, working with media, and evaluating your work.

9799_tobaccobib_displaypdf_icon Enhancing Cultural and Community Competence for Tobacco Control for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (2003)

The cultural competence kit is designed for tobacco control advocates and policy makers working in the tobacco control movement who wish to work with AAs and NHPIs in their communities. It emphasizes the importance of institutionalizing cultural competency activities in policies, programs, staff, and coalitions. The kit also includes an introduction to cultural competency resources and case studies, as well as how to assess institutional cultural competency, identify areas for improvement, develop a cultural competency plan, and sustain momentum.

9799_tobaccobib_displaypdf_icon Making Tobacco Relevant for Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities (2002)
The relevance kit is designed to explain why tobacco prevention and control is an important issue to address in AA and NHPI communities. The goals are threefold: to increase awareness of Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander tobacco issues; to provide methods for making tobacco issues relevant to diverse communities; to motivate Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders to become involved with tobacco control. Community members, policy makers, community health centers, health professionals, and program developers can benefit from reading this kit

9799_tobaccobib_displaypdf_icon Integrating Evaluation into Tobacco Programs for Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities (2001)* Download

The evaluation kit is designed to help people who are developing or implementing tobacco control programs for AA and NHPI communities. The goals of this kit are: to help program planners understand the value of evaluation for their program; to identify ways to plan and incorporate evaluations; to provide different methods for conducting evaluations; to provide case studies of how evaluation can be planned for specific AA and NHPI tobacco control programs.