APPEAL-ADEPT: Power in Unity Conference

The Power in Unity conference was a joint APPEAL-ADEPT virtual health equity conference in 2020 on critical racial and health equity issues in commercial tobacco control and other areas of public health. It was a celebration of APPEAL’s 25th year as well as a celebration of the collaboration of priority populations in combating tobacco, cancer, and other health disparities. Below you will find the slides that were presented throughout the 2-day conference.

Day 1: September 29th: APPEAL-ADEPT: Power in Unity Conference

Opening General Session:

Keynote Presentation: “The Data Disaggregation Imperative to Achieve Health Equity” – Dr. Ninez Ponce, Director of UCLA Center for Health Policy Research Download

Plenary Discussion Panel: Commercial Tobacco, Substance Abuse, Racism, Mental Health, and the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Communities in the COVID Era- Dr. Gilbert Gee, Dr. Ray Samoa, Dr. Anne Saw Download, & Dr. Sora Tanjasiri Download

Closing General Session: 

Plenary Discussion Panel: Where We are Going: Moving toward Policy Change for the Future- Dr. Andrew Subica DownloadDr. Pamela Ling & Peter Cruz  Download

Concurrent sessions:

1.1 Disaggregating AA and NHPI Data for Tobacco Use and Cancer – Dr. Janice Tsoh Download  & Dr. Beverly Gor Download

1.2 Changing Norms through Policy Change 101 (Local)- Rosalyn Moya Download & Sambo Sak Download

1.3 Community Engagement and Communications in a COVID Era – Vincent Eng,  Carl Johnson & Annette “Nackie” Moli Download

1.4 Trending Topics in AA & NHPI Tobacco, Cessation, Health Care Systems, and Cancer – Dr. Elisa Tong Download & Wanda Louis Download

1.5 What are the gaps in AA & NHPI enhanced policy change – Irene-Linayao Putnam Download  & Bao Xiong  Download

Day 2: September 30th: APPEAL-ADEPT: Power in Unity Conference

Opening General Session:

Keynote Presentation: “The Power of Art in the Time of Crisis: COVID, George Floyd and #SayHerName” – Andrea Jenkins Vice President, Minneapolis City Council 

Plenary Discussion Panel: Tobacco Industry through a Health Equity Lens- Dr. Phil Gardiner Download  & Dr. Jessica Barrington-Trimis

Plenary Discussion Panel: Achieving Racial and Health Equity in the COVID Era- Dr. Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati, Carol McGruder, Gloria Soliz DownloadDr. Claradina Soto

Concurrent sessions:

2.1 Dismantling Racism: A Dialogue – Dr. Ricky Bluthenthal & Delmonte Jefferson 

2.2 Community Engagement in Policy Change 101 Through a Health Equity Lens – Channte’ Keith Download  & Bob Gordon Download

2.3 Creating Smoke-free Multi-unit Housing – Yaneth Rodriguez Latino & Peggy Toy  Download

2.4 Decriminalizing Commercial Tobacco Control and Creating Equity-based Policy – Dr. Phil Gardiner Download Ms. Natasha Phelps Download

2.5 Institutionalizing Health Equity within State and Local Health Departments – Lou Moerner DownloadVayong Moua  &  Frances Limtiaco Download

2.6 Communications for Racial and Health Equity for a New Era – Vincent Eng & Amber Valenzuela Download