Cross Cultural Leadership

APPEAL’s Cross Cultural Leadership programs are based on a philosophy which values partnering with priority populations to build community capacity while facilitating cross-cultural collaborations. Recognizing the needs of priority populations as a whole, APPEAL’s leadership programs have expanded to reach not only the AA & NHPI communities, but also the Afican/African American, American Indian, Latino, and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) communities as well.

Recently, APPEAL has furthered its work with diverse communities by partnering with communities in Washington, Minnesota and nation-wide to foster these collaborative efforts.

Previous and current cross-cultural leasdership trainings include:

    • The third Leadership and Advocacy Institute to Advance Minnesota’s Parity for Priority Populations (LAAMPP III): Initially introduced several years ago as the LAAMPP Institute, this program provides an intensive training for community leaders to further develop their community’s capacity to respond to tobacco. In September 2012, after the success of the initial Institute, APPEAL launched the third LAAMPP Institute which is currently in progress. For more information on this year’s program, please see LAAMPP III.
    • National Cross-Cultural Leadership and Parity Institute: In the spring of 2005, APPEAL took a lead role in partnering with the Alliance on Advancing Parity & Leadership for Priority Populations (Parity Alliance) to convene the First National Cross-Cultural Leadership and Parity Institute from April 30 – May 2, 2005 in Chicago, IL. More than 40 participants gathered at this historic institute for leadership training and to advance parity in tobacco control. As a result of this institute, Fellows organized an endorsement signing action during the 2005 National Conference on Tobacco or Health to support parity resolutions and advance parity issues.
    • Washington State Cross Cultural Leadership Institute: In the past several years, and in partnership with the Washington State Department of Health’s Tobacco Prevention Resource Center (TPRC), APPEAL has successfully convened two Washington State Cross-Cultural Leadership Institutes, the first of which was held from June 7-10, 2004 in Blaine, WA and the second from May 16-19, 2005 near Winthrop, WA. During the most recent Leadership Institute, 34 fellows from across Washington came together to build leadership skills and develop strategies for addressing tobacco disparities in communities of color and LGBT communities. APPEAL would like to thank TPRC, the Washington State Department of Health, and the communities, team leaders and fellows for providing these partnership opportunities to advance parity.