Advocacy and Data dissemination to achieve Equity for Priority populations on Tobacco (ADEPT)

ADEPT is a cross-cultural, collaborative, project that will help to build the capacity of California’s priority populations to effectively respond to tobacco control and other social justice issues. California’s priority populations bear a great burden of risk for tobacco use and incidence of tobacco-related diseases.

This project aims to mobilize communities on tobacco control initiatives by training community leaders and disseminating critical information that will increase awareness and motivate the community to address these issues.

ADEPT will serve seven diverse communities including African Americans, American Indians/Native Americans, Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders, Hispanic/ Latinos, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and low Socioeconomic Status populations.

Objectives for ADEPT include:

  • Enhance the capacity of communities to reduce tobacco-related health disparities by training tobacco control leaders
  • Document and disseminate reports that highlight tobacco’s impact in their communities
  • Respond to current and critical tobacco issues


In addition to APPEAL, the project is comprised of four other partners:

Funding Sources

The ADEPT project is funded through Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program (TRDRP), which administered the project’s funding from the California Cancer Research Fund* for the University of California. To learn more about TRDRP please visit
*Contributions to the California Cancer Research Fund are used to conduct research relating to the causes, detection, and prevention of cancer and to expand community-based education on cancer, and to provide prevention and awareness activities for communities that are disproportionately at risk or afflicted by cancer. Look for the voluntary contribution lines or tell your tax preparer about donating to the California Breast Cancer Research Fund on line 405 and/or the California Cancer Research Fund on line 413 of your California state tax Form 540. To learn more information about California’s Voluntary Contributions, see the Franchise Tax Board’s FAQ page.