The following are a few of the resources provided by APPEAL for those working with Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders (AA and NH/PIs), and other priority populations. For a complete description of all of APPEAL’s resources, please select a resource section by using the navigation column on the left.

APPEAL has compiled a list of programs and policy initiatives in healthy eating and active living (HEAL) and tobacco control that have shown to be effective for the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander community. Visit the Promising Practicespage for more information.

APPEAL has developed toolkits for those working with AA and NH/PI communities. These toolkits address integrating tobacco with other community issues, conducting needs assessments, evaluation, cultural competency, mobilizing communities against the tobacco settlement and mobilizing youth against tobacco.

A Parity Kit was developed by the Alliance on Advancing Parity & Leadership for Priority Populations which addresses the tobacco and health inequities faced by communities of color and other priority populations.

Links to organizations working in tobacco control, food and active living policy, and cancer and cancer survivorship for priority populations are also available.

Factsheets are available to provide information on topics such as: AA and NH/PI youth and tobacco, AAs and NH/PIs and tobacco, tobacco industry sponsorship, and AA and NH/PI LGBTQIs and tobacco.

APPEAL recognizes the importance and need for disaggregated data and community participatory research; national aggregated data for AA and PIs masks the diversity of the community. Smoking prevalence data of AA and NH/PI subgroups are available.