Asian Pacific Partners for Empowerment, Advocacy and Leadership (APPEAL) is a national organization working towards social justice and a tobacco-free Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (AA and NHPI) community.

Founded in 1994, APPEAL was originally a program of Asian Health Services, a local community health center in Oakland, California. It has since established itself an important national network providing key technical assistance and resources on health justice.

Our Mission: To champion social justice and achieve equity and empowerment for Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and other Pacific Islanders by supporting and mobilizing community-led movements through advocacy and leadership development on critical public health issues.

Our Vision: Towards health equity and justice

Membership: APPEAL’s members include over 1,250 community-based organizations, community leaders, community health centers, researchers, and state and local health departments.

Current Funding Sources: 

  • California Department of Public Health, California Tobacco Control Program
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)