What is United in Hope?

United in Hope (UIH) is an active network of young adults who want to create positive change in our communities. By promoting health equity and the belief of equitable access to vaccines & overall health care UIH hopes to expand their reach to different parts of the country determined to inspire other young adults to become changemakers and health equity advocates.

“The summit was an amazing experience for me in so many ways. I find the leadership of the APPEAL group represented themselves in a very professional manner but also with the vulnerability to create a space of comfort for all of us. I also enjoyed the diversity of the group which gave me a learning experience through our group activities to learn about our other pacific islander cultures, beliefs and personalities. Through all the conversations and dialogue in our meetings I believe there was a lot to intake as a student of this program and I found myself having a better understanding of where leadership comes from. It is up to us as leaders to represent our islands and communities through health, education and justice. I can’t wait to look forward to our next session”

“The most important takeaways for me was mainly the appreciation in community building and fostering a safe and empathetic environment. I think that Carlo and Josh did an incredible job of grounding the space and honoring folks as individuals with complex lives, thoughts, and schedules. I also really appreciated the effort to weave art into the fellowship”

“I felt the most leadership within the cohort United In Hope gathered. We created lasting relationships with each other through the work we do, and built personal relationships”

HOPE Means

United in Hope Capstone

United in Hope 4 Corners Exercise

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