APPEAL Leadership Program Opportunities

The APPEAL Leadership Model was developed with the intent that it would help to build the capacity of AA and NH/PI communities to effectively address tobacco on a local and national level. Since its creation, the APPEAL Leadership Program has worked toward this goal by engaging partners and training Fellows to become effective community leaders and advocates.

APPEAL Leadership Programs

The APPEAL Leadership Program, which is based on the APPEAL Leadership Model, consists of innovative and culturally tailored trainings that reframe tobacco as a relevant health and social justice issue. For more information, please see the APPEAL Leadership Program.

The APPEAL Leadership Model has also been adapted for other communities as well. For more information, please see the APPEAL Cross-Cultural Leadership Program.

Get Involved

Below is a list of just some of the ways to become involved in leadership trainings and development.

  • Participate in an APPEAL Leadership Program
  • Connect with previous APPEAL Leadership Fellows in your region
  • Get your state to implement a leadership program for priority populations