Phoenix Equity Group

The Phoenix Equity Group is an alliance of dedicated public health professionals, scientists, and community advocates who are committed to accelerating the process of advancing and achieving health equity. Phoenix Equity Group hopes to amplify the voice (within existing institutions that are addressing these issues) to represent the needs of the underserved, marginalized, and poor, communities of color and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) communities experiencing health disparities to advance the principles of social determinants of health, parity, and equity.


A world where the needs of disparate communities are measured, addressed, and resolved in an equitable manner.


The mission of the Phoenix Equity Group is to serve as an agent of change dedicated to improving systems, organizations, and processes that lead to improved health by reducing commercial tobacco disparities and improved outcomes for populations experiencing disparities, especially for people of color and LGBTQ communities.
The purpose of the Phoenix Equity Group is to achieve:

  • Health equity with focus on commercial tobacco use.
  • Equitable tobacco prevention and control outcomes, within the reach of every community.
  • Systems change that values equity at its core and inclusion of communities affected.

Priority Areas

The Phoenix Equity Group will promote the following strategies to accomplish the mission:

  • Ensure health equity standards and accountability through measures/metrics.
  • Develop leaders within priority populations.
  • Advance impactful programs, models and promising practices.
  • Advance the science, through inclusive data collection and research to practice for all communities.
  • Fund, sustain and champion health equity work.

Other operating principles/activities to support strategies:

  • Advance health equity advocacy.
  • Communicate/”translate”/disseminate findings and policy work in a form that is accessible and actionable by policy makers within institutions and government.

Funding Sources

  • Legacy
  • ClearWay Minnesota